Roses, gentle care for sensitive and dry skin

The elegance of roses has won the hearts of many a woman over the centuries. This flower is dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite. Roses can be found today in thousands of shapes and colors. Passionate gardeners grow every year new color variations, scents and new shapes. Rose types differ from classic bushy roses to tree like ones or climbing ones. Roses are used as garden ornaments and are beautiful in a vase and flower arrangements, but they are also used in drugs and cosmetics products.

Roses for a beautiful and delicate skin
Effect of roses on our skin is soothing, calming and nourishing. Products with rose petals are suited for skin care of any skin type especially sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions.
With regular use of the rose products you will have soft, nourished skin with fresh and youthful feeling. Rose extracts are also recommended for very dry skin and if you suffer of visible blood vessels in the skin. Your hair will also get some special shine after rinsing it once a week with rose water.

Prepare harmonizing rose bath
Rose petals can be added to the relaxing and refreshing bath of the whole body. Either freshly picked from the garden or dried ones simply toss the bath or pre-steep in the hot water and then pour into the bath. Roses together with some other calming flowers like lavender are perfect for the aroma therapy and relaxing procedures.
Aphrodisiac aroma of roses
Aromatic essences of roses have been used for many generations as a popular ingredient for the manufacture of perfumes, colognes, soaps, air fresheners, scented oils and essential oils of modern aromatherapy. Rose extract is considered also as an aphrodisiac.

Collection and drying of rose petals
We should use for therapeuthical purposes the fresh petals because they have the strongest effect. Harvesting and drying of rose petals requires a bit of caution. You have to make sure that the petals are drying slowly and do not get humid. You should harvest petals by picking them one after another  from flowers and store them in a thin layer on a drying plate or a cardboard box. Petals should be dried in the shade or in a well ventilated area at the beginning without turning them around and at the end you can shake them or mix to get better access of the air to all sides of them. Dried petals should be stored away from the direct sunlight in the sealable containers. If they would get wet or humid they can get deteoritated. Keep them safe and enjoy the occasional bath!

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